Creemore Farmer's Market 2012

It's that time of year again, the Market and Festival season!  Back in Ontario after a year-long road trip along BC's coastline, I'm happy to be a part-time vendor in this year's Creemore Farmer's Market, set in the quaint village of Creemore, ON.  And yes, this is where Creemore beer is brewed.  The BUS boutique will be parked for a number of Saturdays at this market this summer and into the fall.  If you are passing through this is one market that you won't want to miss out on. 

For more information, you can check out the Creemore Farmer's Market website for additional info: http://creemorefarmersmarket.ca/friends-o-creemore-farmers-mar/


Kayaking skirts

Bev looking fantastic as always.
Kayaking is the way in Haida Gwaii, BC - and when Bev approached me with her idea and asked me to design her a cutesy kayaking skirt out of an old hot pink Columbia fleece jacket that she had - I couldn't say no!  Happy with the first two, (although, I'm pretty sure the one below is her fave) she wanted a few more to last her through the stormy coastal winter... 

Before meeting Bev, most of the skirts that I was making were wool based - so I thank Bev for encouraging me to work and begin creating with different fabrics n mind, such as fleece great 'quick-dry' fabric for the wet conditions of the BC coast.   

I think that fleece skirts would also work well as a shorter skirt, as an added layer for runners in the Ontario winters...  

Cute kayaking skirt with ruffle.
Flower stems made from zippers.

Pretty in pink with zip pocket.


Christmas Craft Festival, London

Rocking the headband... 
In full swing at the 32nd Annual Christmas Craft Festival in London, ON.  Having just returned from our fantastic adventure aboard our big, beautiful, blue school bus - it was decided that we would try out vending at the annual London Christmas Craft Festival, which has turned out to be an adventure in itself... 
This was our first try at a four day festival - most other festivals that we took part in this past year would range from one to three days.  

A great way to meet new folks customers and vendors alike - it was a great community to be a part of.  As a vendor you become familiar with your vending neighbours - you build your own little festival family which makes it nice.  It was quite neat meeting vendors that have been travelling for some time selling their craft - so you start to get a feel for what upcoming festivals may be a good fit.  I also appreciated learning from the pros, the little tips that help festival set up and tear down go a little smoother.

Vending at festivals would not be the same without the support of family and friends... having someone along to help set up and tear down and just to keep you company during the show makes all the difference. 


More than wool...

A skirt perfect for kayaking - upcycled  from old fleece jackets.

Brown tree skirt with cute ruffle.

Once we finally got to Haida Gwaii - it was hard to leave for a couple of different reasons; Haida Gwaii is a paradise, a very beautiful place with truly amazing people.  The other reason was that it is quite costly to travel back and forth to the mainland especially when drivng a bus with BC ferries.  So we decided to stay for a month or two, give it a go and see what happened... 

Queen Charlotte City (more of a village) had a great thrift shop, where you could fill a bag for $5!  With limited access to worn wool sweaters, I began to expand my collection and experiment with other fabrics... 

Nadine looking cute in her patched jean skirt.

Edge of the World Music Festival, Haida Gwaii

Edge of the World Music Festival, 2011
The Edge of the World Music Festival http://www.edgefestival.com/- was an amazing introduction to Haida Gwaii, BC.  Smaller than most festivals, the intimate atmosphere and amazing vibes at this festival was quite possibly the best of the season. 

A pleasant surprise was seeing some familiar faces on stage - Janine Stoll performing with her band the Donefors www.thedonefors.com/ and my favourite, was Toronto band Jaffa Road, an amazing blend of world music - featuring an old co-worker, Aaron Lightstone on guitar.  To hear this amazing band check out their website: www.jaffaroadmusic.squarespace.com/

Setting up for the day.
XL meaning x-tra Love!

Wooly wares of the bus boutique were well loved in Haida Gwaii... a very groovy place where people appreciate creativity.  Travelling to Haida Gwaii is like travelling home where you are welcomed with open arms and big beautiful smiles... The biggest seller on the island was leg warmers... which can be worn underneath or over top, as an 'accessorizing' layer. 

Check out the baby leg warmers!

On board with sewing

When we built our bus, we created a "back room" that we would use for storage and such... However, when I started sewing I took over this area with all my sewing supplies.  

A couple of features that I like best about my on board sewing space is the cute cupcake pin cushion (photo above) designed by my friend Zoe http://www.facebook.com/yogawithzoe, the deer skull that I found hiking in Haida Gwaii and mounted to the wall and of course my beloved sewing machine that was given to me by my mother-in-law...

Ukee Love, Ucluelet BC

Awesome second hand shopping.
When I wasn't sewing I spent some time at the The West Coasters Re-Use It - a cute lil' shop in Ucluelet, BC.  The store has so much, almost too much for it's size - but such a great place if you are up for a treasure hunt, not to mention the owner, Rita - a very cool and hip lady...  

Cute hat

These photos are from the Ukee Swap Meet -   a trial run to see how much the coast loves woolen 
wares - and they did!  Such a a great layer for the Canadian rainforest.  Unfortunately Ukee doesn't have it's own farmer's market which means that  you have to travel to Tofino on Saturdays. 

Ukee Swap Meet, May 2011